Lillian & Joshua

We’re Getting Married!





Oxford, MA

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Hidden Test Venue

151 Kohut Rd, Boston, Oxford, MA 04270

Our Story

How We Met

The story began at a bar in Boston after a work training event. Lillian and Josh had met a month prior and worked in the same store for a day helping to prepare the store for a corporate visit. Josh also trained a group Lillian participated in that day, so they struck up a conversation at the bar & didn’t stop talking that night. A day or two later Josh found an excuse to call Lillian at work and get her phone number (for work purposes, of course!), ended up talking every day…and the rest is history.

The Proposal

In summer 2019, Lillian was convinced they were at least 6 months from getting engaged. On July 11 they stayed at a house Josh had rented on Lake Mayflower for a special getaway. Josh secretly visited the house earlier that week to prepare for the proposal. He enlisted her Godmother and cousins to help decorate the dock for the big surprise, and for their stealthy photography skills!

After a stroll through downtown Mayflower Meadows, NH, the couple went back to the house for a walk around the property before dinner. Josh grabbed Lillian's hand & led the tour. As they got close to the water Lillian realized Josh was awfully familiar with the location. He led them around the boathouse, through a pathway of lights, lanterns and flower petals to the end of the dock. Josh pulled Lillian close, said a few words and dropped to a knee. They stared into each other's eyes when Josh asked the question, "Will you marry me?"

After answering "YES" and putting the ring on Josh lifted Lillian up and swung her around in joy!