Emma & Luke

We’re Getting Married!





New Richmond, WI

Oehme Oasis

2021 WI-46, New Richmond, WI 54017

Our Story

How We Met

It all started January 27 2017 while Emma was sitting in Cem Com class at 9am. She decided to message Luke on Facebook because she saw he had show cattle. We stayed up til 12:30 pm talking about everything how Emma’s parents wouldn’t like that Luke is 23 and Emma is only 18. But we kept talking about show cattle and about our lives.
It didn’t take long for us to fall for eachother. This was the first guy Emma had talked to her dad about and showed him the cattle he has. That week her parents let her go see Luke.

We still remember this day like it was yesterday! We laughed and Luke told Emma to take her feet off the table and she laughed and kept them on the table.
We all know it took Luke forever to propose but it also took forever to ask Emma out too. We didn’t start dating til May 27 2017. He had to wait til she was done with high school. The night of her graduation we drove up on the hill at Emma’s farm with the gator and he finally asked!
Living life with my best friend and 2 dogs has been the best years of my life. We both have learned so much and have grown a lot . We couldn’t imagine life with out each other .

The Proposal

The Wisconsin State Fair has always been a special place for us. We both have achieved many accomplishments there. August 2023 we took 3 calves down. They all did really well. But our bull got reserve champion simmental bull and his name is Deacon. Luke named him Deacon because that is who we wanted to marry us. Unfortunately he has passed away and luke decided to name this bull Deacon and incorporate him into our marriage someway.

After we won with our bull Luke wanted to get a backdrop picture but Emma didn’t understand why he wanted his friend Aaron in the picture as well. (Well he was part of the plan) Emma was getting anxious and just wanted to get the picture done since it’s been along day.
All of us stand to take the back drop photo and Emma turns around and wonders why in the world would Luke be nealing during a picture. Emma turns around again and Luke has a ring. Aaron takes the bull from Emma, since she was in shock and kept saying seriously. Of course there were tears and Emma said YES!!

This was the perfect proposal and perfect place for us. We will always remember August 12 2023.