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May 31st, 2024

Oehme Oasis

New Richmond WI, 54017

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Our Story

How We Met

Logan and I met April 16th, 2022, at the rental in Hudson. Logan and the guys planned a house party at the rental, and my friend had asked me to go with her. I wasn't in the place I wanted to be for a relationship, so I wasn't looking for anything and wanted to go to have some fun. At the time, Logan had also just gotten out of a serious relationship a couple months prior, so he also wasn't looking for anything. I walked into the rental, saw him, and the rest is history! He asked me out a week later, the night of my prom, however we've always kept the date from when we first met because that night, we both knew.

The Proposal

Logan and I were engaged July 3rd, 2023. Logan woke up early to go get coffee and doughnuts. He came back home and woke me up to surprise me, there weren't any doughnuts, so he got me pop tarts, well little did he know they weren't strawberry pop tarts and turned out to be cherry; I don't like cherry. Feeling defeated he apologized, and I still ate them. We met his mom and sister at Willow River State Park with both the dogs and had an amazing time. After, we drove home to drop the boys off before heading over to Eagle Eye Farm so I could show Logan where I worked as well as all the animals on the farm. Little did I know, he had planned out the proposal there. We finally made it to the baby pen, and asked my coworker, Cain, to take a picture of us. Cain recorded the whole thing, and out of shock from the whole thing I kept shaking my head. I couldn't believe it was happening and didn't process it until we saw both of our families later that day.