Lauren & Zachary

Lauren + Zachary





Tunkhannock, PA

Old Carter Barn

235 Shore Drive, Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Our Story

How We Met

Lauren and Zach met on May 29th, 2018. Lauren was stopping by the Civic Center to drop off some of her new employee paperwork, and Zach popped his head out the door to introduce himself. There's a lot to the story, but fast forward 5 years and we're upgrading from coworkers to husband and wife!

The Proposal

On August 27th, 2022, Lauren thought that she and Zach were just going out for a normal dinner date. Little did she know that Zach's "shift" at the Civic Center was actually a fake bridal shower. Kayla, their friend and boss at the Civic Center had even drafted a decoy rental agreement for the now infamous "Shaffer Party." Zach spent his four hours there setting up the entrance to the gym - the very spot they first met - with a balloon arch and a sign saying "Marry Me?" When he picked Lauren up for dinner, he told her that he had left something at the Center, and she waited in the car while he ran in to get it. A few minutes later, Zach called Lauren and told her to come in because Kayla had a question for her. Turns out it was actually Zach who had the question. Oh! And Lauren was MISERABLE until she walked in because Zach had woken her from a nap to go to "dinner." That mood didn't last very long...