Makinna & Nicholas

Makinna Newkirk




Murphys, CA

Dunbar House Inn & Event Property

217 Jones Street, Murphys, CA 95247

Our Story

How We Met

Nicholas and Makinna met while working at First Street Alehouse in Livermore California. They started hanging out in September of 2017 when they would meet up to study for college classes together. If you know Makinna you can imagine that she talked too much to get any real work done so Nick asked to ditch the cup of coffee and grab ice cream instead. After the ice cream was done and Nick was driving Makinna home he "missed" the turn to her house and the couple decided rather than turning around to catch a movie at the local cinema instead. Later that month Nick sends Makinna a text saying that he liked her more than a friend and he hopes that doesn't ruin the friendship. Shortly after that Makinna quickly proposed a trip to Disneyland as Nick said he wasn't a huge fan and it was a must if the relationship was going to last. Now after many Disneyland trips and years of loving life together, Nick and Makinna have decided to retire the names of boyfriend and girlfriend for husband and wife and we couldn't be more excited!