LaToya & Chris

We’re Getting Married!

LaToya Collins




Baton Rouge, LA


13469 South Harrell’s Ferry Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Our Story

How We Met

Our love story began in third grade. Chris always tell me “Girl, I’ve been in love with you since the third grade!” And maybe that’s true. What I can tell you without a doubt is, in middle school, we were crazy about each other! I was crazy about Chris and he was crazy about me. I remember getting birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, and snacks for lunch. But nothing compares to getting my named spray painted on his brand-new Jordan 9’s. I can't tell our story without mentioning that part 😏. It was puppy love at its finest.

Fast forward to high school. We stayed in touch a little , but by the last years of high school, we had completely lost touch. After high school, we reconnected briefly but we were busy doing our own thang.

A few years passed before we saw each other again. More specifically, 9 years passed. I may have seen him out once but that was it. It wasn’t until 2018 that our paths crossed again for a brief moment. He attempted to date me but I wasn't ready. I needed a little more time. But, in February 2022 our love was reignited.

February 2022 I began looking for a lawn care professional and Chris was recommended by cuz (my neighbor). Chris and I connected, and from the moment he came over to give me an estimate for my yard, we both knew we would pick up where we left off all those years ago. Once he started cutting the grass, we would have conversations that lasted for hours. At some point, we began to text and he eventually starting ask me out repeatedly. I was reluctant at first, I said no, but eventually, I agreed.

Our first date was on his birthday March 31st. We began dating a little while after that and we've been inseparable ever since. On November 5th, 2022 we had our first child Aubrielle Harris.

The Proposal

On October 23, 2022 Chris proposed at our baby shower in front of family and friends. I said yes!