Stacey & Jimmy

We’re Getting Married!





Dover, PA


Lakeview Farms Events

3440 Admire Rd, Dover, PA 17315

Our Story

How We Met

During the crazy time of living in a world of the unknown do to the Coronavirus pandemic, the couple resorted to a dating app, in hopes to find someone special. Their first date was to Evergrain Brewing Company in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on April 9, 2021. After sharing a few cold ones and some great conversation, the couple decided to proceed with their dating experience. After one month, the couple introduced their children at Dave & Busters. Since that day, #JAMES has been a party of 5! Do you know what the acronym #JAMES represents? JimmyAllieMaddieEvanStacey! Mind blown, right!?

The Proposal

On September 24, 2022, the couple hosted a party in their backyard during a Fall Fest event that backs up to their property. Around 8p, during an amazing fireworks display, Jimmy shocked their guests by proposing to Stacey while their 3 kiddos stood by Stacey's side. After Stacey said YES, she turned to the 3 children and asked for their validation. The party of 5 embraced in a family hug and the rest is history!