Krissy & Linh





Glenville, NC

Chimney Pond Farm

240 Chimney Pond Rd, Glenville, NC 28736

Our Story

How We Met

Krissy and Linh met in 2016 while both stationed in Oklahoma City. Linh had just returned from a work trip to Vietnam and had no idea how to file an international travel voucher. Fortunately, a young Senior Airman North volunteered to help. As they sat down at a computer together, Krissy realized Linh REALLY had no idea how to do it. Krissy has had better luck trying to teach a grandparent to use a computer and decided it would be easier to just do it for the Lieutenant, instead of repeatedly telling her to “Click here. No, click here… NO, HERE!” They fought over the mouse as Linh stubbornly declared “I can do it myself!” It wasn’t love at first sight or even for many years after, but they eventually became friends and ultimately fell in love. (To this day, Linh cannot do it herself.)

The Proposal

Our proposal was a private intimate affair. I (Linh) had a feeling Krissy knew it was coming given all the recent questions and research on rings (I am now a sapphire expert by the way) but in August of 2023, I planned a weekend trip out to the Georgia mountains to propose. I booked a stay in a private cabin with a glorious view and hot tub that seemed perfect for the occasion. Friday night was spent getting settled and soaking in the hot tub looking out at the star-strewn sky. The next morning, I recreated our deployment ritual, known simply to us as a "coffee morning," by preparing a couple cups of Vietnamese drip coffee and playing some music. While waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, I set up a camera to capture the moment which was to take place comfy in bed in our robes. I tried to set the coffee perfectly centered in the frame, but as Krissy confusedly refused to scoot over toward the center of the bed, we ended up barely in the frame. Haha! While talking about everything we had been through together and what she meant to me, I finally asked Krissy to marry me… then realized I didn’t have the ring in hand and had to hop out of bed to go get it. (Classic!) Krissy, of course, said yes! We spent the rest of the day enjoying one another’s company, trying to watch a movie with a lot of night scenes on a projector screen in a cabin with too much light, and I made steaks for dinner. <3