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July 7th, 2023

Smith Farm Gardens at Smith Garden Farms

60 Smith Road

East Haddam CT, 06423

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Our Story

How We Met

It was rainy summer day in Glastonbury Connecticut when we first met. I was fostering my first pup, Shaggy, and Ryan was walking his best boy, Dino. Shaggy pulled to meet Dino, Ryan was reluctant to let him say hi, but the two hit it off and so did we! While we would see eachother around it wasn't until I started forstering Cosita that our love story really began. Cosita LOVED Dino and and I was falling for Dino's dad. We planned walks around each others schedules and eventually walks turned into hikes, turned into dates, turned into us!

The Proposal

On a cold, rainy Sunday in November while Kirsten thought Ryan was away at work, he was plotting, with the help of Kirsten's twin sister, an engagement that was an unexpected surprise. Lakeside, by our home in Marlborough, Ryan set up the proposal location with rose petals and lights. Ryan returned home after his "long day of work" and told Kirsten they could not go on the hike they had planned for the day. Instead we needed to attend an urgent neighborhood meeting down at the beach and we couldn't be late. After a lot of convincing, Kirsten reluctantly agreed to attend this neighborhood meeting and walked down to the lake with me. Kirsten knew something wasn't right when we arrived down at the water to find no one there. Here on the shore of our lake, I got down on one knee and asked Kirsten to spend the rest of our lives together.