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October 5th, 2024

Strawberry Manor

1690 Veterans Ave

Ponchatoula LA, 70454

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Our Story

How We Met

So Konnor and I both attended ponchatoula schools since kindergarten, so we were bound to meet! 3rd grade was our first class together, then in jr high is when we really hit it off as best friends! Then, when we got to high school we continued to be great friends. He would always text me for holidays and it just so happened to be Thanksgiving and so he sent me a text and from there we started talking more and more and discovered we could potentially be more than friends. We went on our first date to a basketball game in December, and then we started dating on January 9, 2018! A random Tuesday lol that has so much more meaning to us both now! We’ve been through a lot together, but we have each other to get through everything life throws at us! :)

The Proposal

Konnor decided to propose to me on Thanksgiving of 2021 after he got back from AIT! He chose Thanksgiving because that’s when our relationship started! He did did it on his grandparents back patio and brought all of my family over, and I was not expecting it AT ALL! We definitely talked about it and we always wanted our families to be at our proposal since our families are so important to us! I knew the proposal was coming, but I didn’t know exactly when and where he would do it, so when he got on his knee I was shocked! I remember actually saying “like for real!?” And crying like a baby lol! Best moment of my life:)