Kiersten & David

We’re Getting Married!





Grand Rapids, MI

The Loft

Studio D2D

401 Hall Street SW, Suite 121, PO Box 80, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Our Story

How We Met

It all started on Hinge! After texting for a couple of weeks, Kiersten finally agreed to a date. We had an instant connection on our first date and knew we didn't want to spend anymore time apart. After our first few dates, we were certain we found our forever partner.

January 21, 2022: Our first date at Nights and Weekends
February 27, 2022: Dave asked Kiersten to be his girlfriend
April 9, 2022: Dave and Kiersten said "I love you"
August 1, 2023: Kiersten & Dave get engaged!

The Proposal

Kiersten was supposed to be meeting a friend for happy hour drinks while Dave was at his softball game. Dave had other plans and surprised Kiersten with the most amazing proposal at the Godfrey Hotel rooftop.