Kelsey & Kyle

Forever Together

Kelsey Hardiman
Kyle Ohrenberger

Jul 14th, 2023

At The Barn on Benson’s Pond

Middleborough, Massachusetts

The Barn on Benson’s Pond

6 Pine St

Middleborough MA, 02346

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Our Story

How We Met

It all started with an Hola.
2012 may seem like just yesterday, but that was 11 years ago, 11 years ago we made the first best decision of our lives.
We were just kids living our best High School lives. Being Juniors in High School, Kelsey 16 and Kyle 17, life was simple for us both, a little school and a whole lot of sports, but sitting next to one and other in an Honors Spanish class changed our whole life. We exchanged Hola’s and the rest is history.
January 14th, 2012 was the start of our life long adventure together. Our lives began with cheering each other on at each of our many sporting events, walk to classes together and attending our High School Proms with each other. We graduated from Middleborough High School together in 2013. Then came college where our love grew stronger with our long walks from class to class, from one side of campus to the other together and our breakfast and lunch dates between classes. Four short years later we graduated from Bridgewater State University together in 2017.
Next, came the second best decision we made in our lives. February 14th 2021 was a crisp snowy day in Jackson, New Hampshire where the big question was popped while kneeling in a pile of white fluffy snow surrounded by white twinkling lights. The response of YES! Could not come out quick enough. Yes, to the rest of our lives together. The Wedding planning began with excitement.
Then, after years of hard work we purchased a Home that we love. June 14th 2022, we accomplished another huge milestone together signing on the dotted line for our Home in Carver MA.
You may have noticed the trend of the number 14. The number 14 has become our special number together. We began Dating on January 14th 2012, we got Engaged on February 14th 2021, we purchased Our Home on June 14th 2022 and now we await our best day yet, Our Wedding on July 14th 2023!
High School Sweethearts, Best Friends, our Better Half’s, does not even begin to show the love that we have for each other. We are excited for our family and friends to join us as we say I Do and have a night to remember.

The Proposal

Kyle’s vision came to life and Kelsey’s dream came true. February 14th 2021 was a picture-perfect day sprinkled with snow. It was told that this day was a long time in the making, from picking out the perfect ring months prior to planning out a special trip as a Christmas present.
Our special Engagement Trip began with a ride up to North Conway New Hampshire where we stayed in a cute little snowy cabin in the quant little town of Intervale. Our getaway weekend had beautiful views of mountains, walks through snowy trails, and hot coco. Little did one of us know what was going to happen on this special trip.
The day began with a large homemade breakfast and watching the snow fall. As the evening approached, we bundled up to head to Nestle Nook Farms in the beautiful town of Jackson, where there was a horse drawn sleigh waiting to give us a private tour through the lantern lit trails along the Ellis River. We saw acres of fresh fallen snow, ice skaters skating on a 3-acre lake, families around the large open fires and trees for miles covered in twinkling white lights. After the beautiful sleigh ride, we thanked Chip, the horse who pulled our sleigh, our new friend for the night. Of course, we wanted to go see the trees all lit up covered in snow. Kyle went inside the gazebo nearby to ask a kind woman to take our picture standing beside the twinkling trees. Little did Kelsey know what was going to happen next.
As Kelsey was standing looking at the tree lit area Kyle came up behind her. As Kelsey turned around Kyle was down with one knee in the snow. Smiles got bigger and eyes got watery. Living in the moment and wrapped in love, neither one of us truly remember the words being said, but the most important word of all, YES!
The very kind woman captured our love and excitement. The moment that we have dreamed about for years had finally happened and it was picture perfect. There has never been a day more magical for us to share together. We sat by the open fire and relived those special minutes over and over until it finally sank in that we were engaged.
We stayed up all night calling our closest family and friends to share our great news, then ended our Engagement weekend snowtubing down Cranmore Mountain the next day. It’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling you get when you become engaged to your best friend. Please join us in continuing our life story with a memorable Wedding Day.