Larry & Kelly



##COVID FAQ## What fun, COVID Delta variant is rearing it's ugly head a few weeks before our wedding!! Here's the plan:
If you are feeling ill or uncomfortable about attending our event we suggest you skip out on this one--we won't take offense and will send you pictures, just reach out to Larry or Kelly to update your RSVP status. If you are unvaccinated, we strongly suggest you get COVID tested 48 hours ahead of the event with a negative result. The bride and groom are fully vaccinated, and the wedding party will be fully vaccinated or taking negative COVID tests 48 hours ahead of the event. Our current guest list sits at 125 people in a 300 person tent so we are well under capacity, with room to spread out throughout the camp grounds. If the weather cooperates, the event will also be mostly outdoors. However, Plan A is for the ceremony will take place inside the Barn, if you are uncomfortable about that you're invited to join us beginning of cocktail hour, which will be outdoors. Masks will hopefully not be required, but please feel free to wear one if it makes you more comfortable or if you are unvaccinated. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be abundantly present and ready to go.


Holiday Hill Day Camp & Retreat Center: 41 Chaffeeville Road, Mansfield Center, CT

NOTE: This is a different Holiday Hill from the one we went to on middle school field trips in Prospect CT--don't go there! Be sure to double-check that your GPS is taking you to the correct location.


The Graduate Storrs

855 Bolton Rd, Storrs, CT 06268

Quirky & classy UCONN-themed hotel on campus. Wedding party home base and location of the After Party.