Kayleigh & Ricardo

Forever Together

Kayleigh Albright
Ricardo Robles

Oct 2nd, 2024

At The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

Strawberry, Arizona

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

Ricardo and Kayleigh met while Ricardo was working at Olive Garden. Kayleigh was sat at Ricardo's table along with five of Kayleigh's family members. While Ricardo was taking their order, Kayleigh's grandpa wanted to tell Ricardo the same olive story that he has told every time he has gone to Olive Garden. Ricardo grabbed a chair from a close by table, sat down, and listened to this story. This made Kayleigh in awe of Ricardo, in which Kayleigh's mom Krissy noticed. From then on, Krissy made it a point to make sure Ricardo knew that Kayleigh was interested. She grilled him with questions and then asked him, "do you have a snapchat? Oh, so does she!" At the end of the night, Ricardo asked Kayleigh for her snap chat. And the rest is history

The Proposal

Ricardo asked Shawn and Krissy for permission to marry Kayleigh. After that, the planning began. Ricardo was trying to figure out how he could take her back to where they had their first date, Canyon Lake. Ricardo wanted to make sure that Kayleigh had the most important people be present for this special moment. It was planned that her side of the family would go on the Dolly Steamboat at twilight for dinner. Kayleigh had the impression she was going to celebrate her mother's birthday. As the steamboat started its decent up the lake, between the canyon walls as the sun was setting, the family was called to the back of the boat to take a family picture. After the picture, the family stepped away for a photo of just Ricardo and Kayleigh. After the photo, Ricardo sprang into action and proposed to Kayleigh as the sun dipped down below the mountain range.