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October 19th, 2024

Studio D2D

401 Hall Street SW, Suite 121

PO Box 80

Grand Rapids MI, 49503

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Our Story

How We Met

What once was considered to be an unusual and uncommon way to meet, quickly became one of the most popular and preferred ways, and not so surprisingly we met on a dating app! Sam loves to joke that I almost missed out due to my poor response times, but thankfully we matched, connected, and started talking right away. We talked for hours and spent many nights up way too late on the phone, but finally we met up for brunch (my favorite), and then by the end of our second date we were official.

The Proposal

I thought I was planning and preparing for Sam's 35th birthday, as well as a house warming party to celebrate our first house together, but unknown to me, Sam had told everyone that he was going to propose. We had a house full of our family and closest friends, Sam stopped the music to thank everyone for coming to our home to celebrate us, and got down on one knee right then and there. Of course I said YES!