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September 7th, 2024

Folsom Ridge Ranch

Folsom Ridge Ranch

54 Folsom Ridge Road

Burlington ME, 04417

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Our Story

How We Met

On a cold October night, the lovely Miranda Fish and Konnar Kirlin were holding a party at the house they were living at at the time. Apparently, they had a party the night before as well that Nick had gone to. They had so much fun that night, that they (thankfully) decided to do it again the next night! I wasn't able to attend the first night, so I was happy to go the next. I remember getting there early to help them set up and get things ready for a bonfire. The first person to show up was Nick and I just remember thinking "who is this tall guy anyways?". Later in the night, Miranda came up to me and told me Nick thought I was cute and Konnar went up to Nick and told him that I thought he was cute (Neither of us said anything to them, they were just trying to set us up!!) Once the drinks started kicking in, I remember having a conversation with my friend Brad Burchill and Nick turned around and chimed in... and I was so glad he did! Later that night we played beer pong against each other and I was ON FIRE. Needless to say, I won and the rest is history!

The Proposal

The day was January 15th 2022. Nick and I were getting ready to go hangout at our friends Casey and Makayla's house for my birthday. I remember getting ready and one of my nails fell off... guess what hand and finger it was on? Yep. My ring finger on my left hand. Nick had mentioned it to me that I had a missing nail and seemed a little more concerned than he normally would, that's when I got a feeling today was the day. I glued my nail back on and we headed to our friends' house. Once we were there, I went inside to help Makayla get supplies ready for beer pong (you can see we really like beer pong). When I came back into the garage that we hangout in, me and Nick's song was playing and that's when I knew. My face felt so hot and I was in so much shock I couldn't even look at Nick. He finally said "Katie?" and I looked over and he is down on one knee proposing to me. The easiest yes of my life!