Karly & Erick

We’re Getting Married!



Erick Espelien


New Richmond, WI

Oehme Oasis

New Richmond, WI 54017

Our Story

How We Met

Hi I am Karly, I've worked for Chisago County for the last 10 years, Erick and his company started a lighting job at my work in 2021 and my boss was going to be gone for a week on vacation, and Erick approached me and asked if I would be his point of contact with my boss going out of town. I of course said yes, because I already had my eye on him and then I went home did what I do best and stalked Erick on facebook and messaged him. He asked me out for dinner and I agreed to that also and we have talked every day since.

The Proposal

Erick has property in Wisconsin that he hunts on and someday we plan to build out there. There is a few trail cameras set up to watch for animals and the occasional neighbor wandering through the woods. Erick had mentioned he wanted to go out there and change some batteries in a few and asked if I wanted to run with him. We got out there and a few planes were flying above us and we both were looking up and Erick stated how there should be some more coming so I am looking in the sky waiting for more to come and I turn around and said I don't think there is anymore, and as I was turning around Erick was getting down on one knee and then asked the big question, " Karly, will you marry me?" I said yes! <3