Are finally saying "I do!"

You're Invited

February 1st, 2025

Strawberry Manor

1690 Veterans Ave

Ponchatoula LA, 70454

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Our Story

How We Met

Kaitlyn & Nick met (basically set up by Teri) at Abita Roasting Company in Madisonville where Nick worked behind the line and Teri managed. Kaitlyn worked two doors down at Friend's Coastal Restaurant and would stop in Abita Roasting to get her coffee before her shift. Teri would come home some days and tell Kaitlyn that one of the young guys she worked with thought Kaitlyn was cute. So of course, Kaitlyn started to purposely go in before EVERY shift to see who he was. Shortly after that, Nick used his pick up line "what's up" and nodded to Kaitlyn. She made her usual stank face and completely ignored him. On one of Kaitlyn's days off from working at Friends, Teri calls her asking if she can come in to help do dishes at Abita due to her being short staffed. Knowing Teri, she didn't really ask Kaitlyn, it was more of "get your ass up and come help." Kaitlyn then gets up out of bed (not knowing Nick was working) throws on a t-shirt, leggings (go figure), no make-up and her glasses. She shows up to help and what a coincidence she's having to do dishes right next to Nick's station. He starts flirting, she gives him the time of day, and by that night Nick had invited her over for a movie!

The Proposal

Fast forward to seven years later, we have our baby shower at Abita Roasting where Nick FINALLY gets down on one knee to ask Kaitlyn to marry him. She throws off the pacifier she had been wearing on her left, ring finger and says "YES"! (She actually said "about time" but you get the point.)