Julia & Arturo

We’re Getting Married!





Middle Grove, NY


7177 Antioch Road, Middle Grove, NY 12850

Our Story

How We Met

I guess you could say going to the gym really "worked out" for us. <3

The Proposal

July 15, 2022, Jerome, AZ. Arturo decided to take me on a date without telling me where. To my surprise, he brought us back to the location of our first date. We enjoyed a casual lunch as we sat on the balcony of the Haunted Hamburger, with a panoramic view of the Sedona red rocks in the background. Arturo waited until we were the only two left. As we discussed the beauty of the scenery in front of us, he stepped back, knelt down, and said, "To think we won't be boyfriend and girlfriend the next time we come here." Chuckling and confused, I turned around. He was on one knee, his arm stretched out, and the ring pinched between his fingers. That moment was engraved in our memories forever. Tears and smiles ensued from that point on. Oh, and a beer to celebrate of course!