Joslin & Mark

We’re Getting Married!





Tamaqua, PA

photo by Bugge Productions

The Barn at Graver's Tree Farm

841 Dairy Rd, Tamaqua, PA 18252

Our Story

How We Met

Joslin & Mark met through working on the wonderful inpatient psychiatric unit in Bloomsburg PA. Upon hours and hours of work time spent together, they decided to pursue a relationship and have been each other's biggest supports ever since. Their love is abundant, patient, and kind as they currently are pursing their life and dreams in the state of South Carolina with their two fur babies, Remmington and Winchester!

The Proposal

Outside of Capitol Bar in Bloomsburg, Mark pretended to get on one knee to tie his shoe, to which Joslin responded "you're wearing boots." Upon recognizing what was about to happen, Joslin was reluctant and stated, "You're really going to do this outside of Capitol"? To which Mark proceeded to open a box and put a ring on Joslin's finger as she was turning her head away, refusing to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Moments later, Joslin said, "Well you can't just put that on my finger without asking me a question." The story ends when Mark asks Joslin to marry her, to which she, of course, agreed to spending a life together, in unity with Mark for the rest of eternity.