Jessica & Tyler

We’re Getting Married!





Cambridge, VT

Early evening skies at Boyden Farm. photo credit: Lauri Boyden

The Barn at Boyden Farm

44 Vermont Rt 104, Cambridge, VT 05444

Our Story

How We Met

Tyler and Jess met the modern way: by swiping right on Bumble in April of 2018! They started talking daily, but their relationship remained uncertain as Tyler still lived in New York and Jess was leaving for Australia in July.

However, Tyler decided to move to Vermont (thank you Jor!) and Tyler and Jess finally met in person on Church Street during the Jazz Festival.

Through their time apart when Jess was abroad, they talked constantly and many snaps of Stella were sent. When Jess flew back to Vermont, her first and only stop was to see Tyler and they've been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

Tyler proposed to Jess shortly before their fourth anniversary at Niquettes Bay State Park, the location of their first adventure together.

Tyler coordinated the day in advance with Jess' Maid of Honor, Hannah, to plan the perfect proposal. They had planned breakfast and a hike with Stella.