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September 7th, 2024

Woodstock Farmhouse

144 Main Street

North Woodstock NH, 03262

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Our Story

How We Met

On a beautful summers evening in Back Bay, Boston a flight attendant made her way down to the BA bar of choice - Dillions. Unbeknownst to her, a Boston Firefighter of Ladder 15 was about to catch her eye. Some chicken wings and a budwiser later upon heading back to her hotel, he caught her eye again and with some gentle persuasion from her colleagues, she mustered up her best English, 'Hi, how are you?'.

Some cross country and transatlantic dates and a baby later, here we are!

The Proposal

The most perfect Babymoon in Mexico was made complete with the perfect proposal. The sweetest shoot celebrating the incoming arrival of baby Steiss ended with another declaration of love, a marriage proposal.