Chrystal Ann & Jacob Allen

Chrystal AnnBelt


Jacob Allen Lawrence


Nassau, NY

S&S Farm Brewery

174 Middle Rd, Nassau, NY 12123

Our Story

How We Met

We are what some may call an internet dating success story! We matched on one of those dating sites as two people who were just looking for others to socialize with. As God would have it, He brought us together. I was busy starting a new job in a new state with no friends or people to talk to. When He swiped right and sent a message that consisted of, "Thanks for not having duck lips." We texted for a few weeks before speaking on the phone, and I was pretty smitten. He planned our first date just to have lunch and get to know each other in person, which turned into a long lunch and, eventually, dinner plans. The very next day, we met up after Church, and the rest was history. Other than work, we have been pretty inseparable.

The Proposal

Driving home from work, parked on I-35 a plan began to formulate about how I would ask Chrystal to marry me. I thought about the typical ways, hot air balloons, submarines, alligators, and decided to make sure that the experience was personal and fun for her instead. The hunt for a ring began. Chrystal’s best friend, however, is Braden, her dog, not diamonds. She does, however, like sapphires. She also isn’t a big fan of gold, she likes silver. So off to James Avery I went. With a couple of trips, the advice from very helpful employees, and most importantly Nancy, her mother, the ring was chosen. Now was the day? How do you decide on a day? There are after all 365 of them a year. The opportunity presented itself when Chrystal had had an awful day. So I decided to take the ring to her favorite restaurant and employ the services of a couple of waitresses, who are amazing. When I got to the house I told her that we weren’t staying in, we needed a chimi and a margarita, and that we were going to relax and make the best of a terrible day. Once we got to the restaurant, Chrystal ordered her favorite. A strawberry margarita. When it came out to her, the ring was nestled between two cherries at the top of the cup. Now as she saw the rings, her mouth dropped about the same time I did to one knee. I took her hand, and with an entire speech planned, looked her right in the eyes with everyone watching and stuttered, “uh, uh, uh, well………will ya?” to which she graciously said "yes". We spent the evening celebrating and enjoying each other’s company.