We are Finally getting married!!!!

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October 6th, 2024


7177 Antioch Road

Middle Grove NY, 12850

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Our Story

How We Met

We met as kids and we both knew from the start that one day we would be married! We dated for 3 years during our teens and then an awful tragedy happened in my life (I lost my father) when I was 16 and we went our separate ways. Over the years we kept in touch through new relationships and having children with other people. Rob was always my rock. He always understood me, was always only a phone call away . We always still had this unspoken love for one another the timing just was never right. In March we finally rekindled our love and could not be happier. Neither of us have had even the slightest hesitation for we know we are exactly where we belong.

The Proposal

We were at Robs uncles house at a family gathering he asked me to come out on the porch it was then he presented a large square box and he said I know this is not the traditional ring but I'm giving you this bracelet and asking you to marry me! Of course I said yes and both his family and mine were unsurprised as they had all been bugging us to get married but were all overjoyed.