Heather & Justin

We’re Getting Married!





Plant City, FL

Photo By: Dreamy Portraits

Big Red Barn Events

4816 Deshong Dr. , Plant City, FL 33565

Our Story

How We Met

We met on Facebook like many couples these days that only work and sleep. Justin (for months) was liking all of my pictures and posts and one day I decided that I was going to message him and just say "Hey, I am so jealous you live in Nashville", seeing as how my dog ( well our dog now) was named after my favorite city. We started talking and a week and a half later he drove down to Plant City and the rest was history. We did long distance and going back and forth for a couple of months before he moved back down in March.

The Proposal

Anybody who knows either of us knows that a big elaborate public proposal was not at all what we wanted. So, the proposal was so "us". We had just got back from vacation and the day after Justin had made me breakfast and then asked if I wanted my "birthday" present early because I had been badgering him on what it was. So, me being me I said yes. He then proceeded to tell me to close my eyes and stand in our living room and face the dining room table. I did like I was told and when he told me to open my eyes he was down on one knee with our dog Nash beside him. It was the perfect proposal and I was completely surprised.