Samantha & Zachary

We're Getting Married!





Schenevus, NY

The Rosemary at Spano Lake

193 Ed Herman Road, Schenevus, NY 12155

Our Story

How We Met

Sam's take:
While working as a nursing assistant at Catskill Regional, I met a nurse who said her boyfriend at the time had a single friend that she wanted me to meet. She said he would be at the upcoming Florida Georgia Line concert at Bethel Woods. I last minute bought tickets that day and went with my brother and his friend. Part way into the concert, I texted the nurse to see where she was at so I could meet this guy. I was thinking the whole time "this guy is going to be ugly..." When I saw Zach I thought, okay he's good looking. He must have thought the same because a few dates later and we were exclusive!

Zach's take:
Me and my friend Dalton went to a Kings of Leon Concert and after said concert I careened through a wooden fence. So, needless to say, I was not planning on going to the Florida Georgia Line concert the following weekend. Last minute, I decided to DD for my friends to not waste the ticket I had already bought.
At the concert, I talked to my friend Danny and he told me that his girlfriend at the time was working with a girl that might be interested in me. My first thought was, "she must be 1000 lbs because Danny's girlfriend's track record was not the best."
So, I finally met this girl and she was not a 1000 lbs, but she was however the most beautiful girl I've met and had muscles. There must have been something about her because we soon after hit it off and I never looked back again!

The Proposal

Sam's perspective:
One of Zach and I's favorite hiking trails is Slide Mountain. During one of our hikes early on in our relationship, he carved our initials into a tree.
When he proposed, I remember it being October and thinking this is probably going to be one of our last hikes for the year before it gets too cold. I went up to check out our initials and when I turned around there he was with the ring!

Zach's prospective:
The weekend I planned to propose to Sam, I wanted to make it special and hike Slide Mountain. This is one of the first spots Sam and I hiked when we first met. I wasn't nervous, because I already knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with her, with or without a ring. However, to make it official and to join the families, I decided to propose on top of Slide Mountain in front of our tree which I carved our initials in during our first hike. I was thinking in my head I hope no one comes by because I really don't want a peanut gallery for this intimate moment. When I finally had the ring in my hand and I saw the glow on Sam's face I knew this was the right decision. She said YES !