Soren & Hannah

S & H





Moorhead, MN

Rustic Oaks

12155 3rd St S, Moorhead, MN 56560

Our Story

How We Met

Soren and I met long ago! One of Soren's good friends connected us when we were in the 6th grade! I finally met Soren in person when he came to school in Lisbon in junior high and I had a crush on him ever since. We decided to hangout one night, when my parents left for the weekend and my older sister, Christine, was babysitting me. Christine knew I had a crush on Soren and was trying to bribe me with letting her have a boy over by letting Soren come over and it could be our little secret! We started dating not long after and the rest is history! We have never stopped loving each other and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives growing together!

The Proposal

June 17, 2023 - Soren had planned a day for us to go hike to the waterfall at Fort Ransom State Park. We had hiked to the waterfall in high school as one of our first dates! Before we headed out to the state park, I asked Soren if we could stop at my parents quick so I could use the restroom. When we were headed back into the car Soren stopped me and asked if I knew what happened 10 years ago on the day. I had not a clue that day played any significance in our lives at all. He then proceeded to tell me it was the 10 year anniversary of our first kiss right there in my parents driveway where we were standing! Soren then got down on one knee and my whole life made sense right in that moment. I said YES to the man of my dreams.