Haley & Jeremy

We’re Getting Married!





Milan, NH

The Inn at OxBow Acres

877 Milan Road, Milan, NH 03588

Our Story

How We Met

In our own words. Literally.

From the halls of Winnacunnet High School, our adventure began. Early 2015, We had become friends and by summer, we quickly moved forward as a couple. From our first date at Odiorne on June 19th we knew we had something special and sealed it with our first kiss on top of the bunkers. On June 23rd, we made our relationship official at the Hampton trestle. By End of summer, we had become inseparable.

Through mutual friends we were introduced. Jeremy made his presence known by throwing candy and Rice Krispie treats at Haley during lunch, she was only hit in the head a few times. The first time we stumbled into each other out of school, was at the wall by 9th street. It was almost midnight, Haley and her friend bumped into Jeremy and his friend's rollerblading and playing street hockey. That night Jeremy decided to shoot his shot and ask her to hang out again. Haley replied with a maybe.
Our "first date" Jeremy never showed up. He waited for Haley to say something, figured she was too cool and stayed home. Haley waited for Jeremy show up because we finalized plans the night before. Haley was left waiting by the window and eventually fell asleep on the couch while looking out the window for Jeremy to never show up. Jeremy didn't know she was waiting, as she pulled a girl move, and never said anything. Not even a hey, what's the plan. Nothing. She laid in a window, waiting, for her not to say something. at all. How is this fair?
Jeremy finally showed up the following week, late as usual. Dealing with a broken phone that could only charge 2% before dying. Attempting to get anywhere with no way to GPS is not easy. Finally, Jeremy gave up and sat in the lobby of the town Dunkin donuts, hoping and praying his phone would survive long enough to get to Haleys house. When Jeremy finally arrived, they started off by going to the puppy store because that's just what you did in Hampton. Their next stop was the salvation army where Haley convinced Jeremy to try on a wedding dress. Odd foreshadowing. She didn't think he would. He did. That was a sight. He was gorgeous. We had dinner at the China Buffet in Newington. Under one condition, that we each make each other eat something weird. When we came back to the table with our plate of weird food, we both had frog legs. Thats when I knew he was the one. We followed it up by seeing who could eat ice cream fastest with chopsticks. Haley won. Jeremy let her.
We ended our first date by walking out to the bunkers at Odiorne state park. We watched the stars and talked about our dreams and viewpoints on the world and realized how similar we were.

For the past 9 years we have been by each other's side, growing through every stage of life. Starting as Teenagers without a care in the world, to young adults navigating the struggles of growing up. As adults, we have decided to start our next chapter as husband and wife!