Easton & Lillian

Grim the Tale Begins

Easton Grim
Lillian MacCowan

Oct 7th, 2023

At Applewood Farms

Ionia, Michigan

Applewood Farms

579 E Parmeter Rd

Ionia MI, 48846

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Our Story

How We Met

Easton and Lillian met in 7th-grade math class. They became friends texting and helping each other with homework, Lillian would even give Easton answers to the Spanish homework he hated doing. They kept in touch and had more classes throughout Junior High School. Soon High School began and they had more classes together, the last day of freshman year was their first time hanging out outside of school. The last day of school was the night Easton got jealous when Lillian was with another boy, and later that night Easton told Lillian he liked her. He said he's liked her since Junior High School, and Lillian said the same. Even though they had feelings for each other a real relationship never worked until Junior year when Easton swept Lillian up after a bad relationship. They started to go out on dates and hang out in December of 2018, they officially began dating on February 13th, 2019.

The Proposal

Easton had been thinking about proposing since the beginning of 2022 but wasn't sure when or where to do it. Then he realized the perfect time to do it would be on our upcoming couples trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with our friends Carson and Grace. Soon after their trip was booked he bought a ring and showed it to their best friends Carson and Grace, they thought it was perfect. A few weeks later Easton needed to go downstate for a "doctor's appointment" which really was to talk to Lillian's dad to get his blessing. After Easton had Tim's blessing, he knew just how he would propose. On May 8th Easton and Lillian started their adventure to Playa Del Carmen, for 5 nights. On the first day there they got up early for an excursion to Tulum Ruins, Snorkeling, and a Cenote. While at the Tulum Ruins they got a tour of the historic Mayan City, at the end of the tour the guide allowed them to explore on their own. While walking around Easton got a silicone ring from Carson while Lillian was distracted with Grace. While walking away from the path Carson and Grace asked Lillian to take a picture she replied "oh, Easton can't do it?!", since he was standing close. They said Lillian had to take the picture since she is better at it, so she walked back to take the picture of Carson and Grace. After Lillian handed the phone back to them, she turned around and saw Easton down on one knee and he said "Lillian, I want to be with you forever... will you marry me?" Lillian replied with the fastest "yes" she could've ever said. Lillian has always told Easton to propose with a silicone ring since they love hiking and she didn't want him to spend lots of money on a fancy ring. Well, Easton did both, he proposed with a silicone ring so she could wear it the rest of the excursion and gave her the real one that night. Then they celebrated the rest of the vacation.