Lana & John

Future Mr & Mrs

Lana Hauschild
John Gansz

Sep 7th, 2024

At Treehouse Point

Issaquah, Washington

Treehouse Point

6922 Preston-Fall City Rd SE

Issaquah WA, 98027

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Our Story

How We Met

As high school sweethearts, Lana and John's love story started where the name suggests.

In the spring of 2014 at Kentlake High, fate intervened, bringing them together in the most unexpected of places: the Spanish teacher's classroom after school. She, a practicing musician, brought his attention to her as she serenaded the classroom with her guitar. However, Lana's serenade was shortly interrupted by the presence of the Spanish teacher, who threatened Lana with detention if she didn't vacate the premises. (Thanks Ms. Parkman 👍)

Since then, the two have held eachothers hand through all the walks of life. Through the hallways of the school that started it all, and at the Graduation where the walk never ended. Through the isles of Home Depot where the work didn't break clasp, and the first apartment that evolved into the first house.

Now, as they stand before their loved ones, they will walk down the isle hand in hand at their very own Wedding.
Rest assured, the love for eachother will continue to grow even after a decade of clamy hands.

The Proposal

Valentines Day was extra special as the Hawaiian breeze confirmed love was in the air. With one knee on the lanai and the ocean as their witness, presented was a three stone diamond ring symbolizing the past, the present and the future.