are getting married!

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August 10th, 2024

Harper Hill Ranch

12300 Huber Road

Seguin TX, 78155

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Our Story

How We Met

We met through some friends who I personally don't remember their names, or even where they went off too. We met on a Saturday night at Whataburger on Nile Dr. She was wearing a thin black dress, more likely her mothers, and close to the wall in the booth. There was no room for me, so I pulled up a chair, spun it around and sat like I was some punk kid from Grease. We ate our food and went back to my apartment home in Aspen Heights. We played some beer pong and she was my partner. My initial goal was to win beer pong all night, but throughout the game, as I felt her arm brush with mine and the way she looked up to me, I thought to myself, "This one, this ones the one.". I love this person already. Beautiful brown skin, long dark black and brown hair, and exactly 5ft tall. Absolute perfection.

Days go by and I haven't seen her. I start to doubt myself and think maybe not her, but one day. One bright, humid, sunny day, as I sit at Starbucks enjoying the unmanliest drink of all, on the breezeway at TAMU-CC, I see her walk out of Subway. Her black jean shorts, a spurs jersey, and black sandals. I wanted to say something, but I was nervous. I just told myself the other day that she's the one, I can't just run up to her and not be prepared with anything. Something in her instinct told her to turn around, and so she did. That's the one thing she remembers. We walk the rest of the breezeway and I walk her to her dorm. Come to find out, we have the same music lecture. Of course she never saw me, as I was either never there or asleep at the very top. Immediately, okay about a month later, we were doing everything together. We've been together almost every day since then.

The Proposal

As months turn into years, Bella and I worked through a lot. I had to earn her love, and while doing so, I found the kind of man I want to be. Our journey had ups and downs, but thats what a great couple goes through. We didn't let our lows ruin the future we saw together. I've been wanting to propose for the longest, but I was young. I wasn't ready to be the man she deserves, (plus school, and renting an apartment and all that good stuff).

I can't quite remember why, but she brought up rings one day and how she doesn't want a specific style. In my head I thought we were already married, we for sure seemed like it, for 8 YEARS. Anyways, for a brief moment, in 2022, when we had our first and only apartment in San Anton, we would hike on Saturdays, some small trail and even take the dogs at times. I thought to myself, that would be perfect, she would never expect it during our hike. I get to looking for great spots to propose, and I find the Japanese Tea Gardens. I thought perfect, we'd be constantly looking at plants and flowers and fishes and whatnot, absolutely not. I thought the place was a bit bigger.

As we are heading to the park, she questions me about the location, and I respond "oh, Hector told me about this place, he said it was really pretty". Good save, right? We park and begin the walk. The route takes us near and around the zoo and their little carnival rides they have. She begins talking about all the times her family would bring her when she was younger and how much fun it was. I didn't even plan that, but I thought "Awesome, start strong, finish strong".

We continue on and hit the trail that leads to the Gardens. It was like walking down a hallway of 'forestry'. We walk and talk and come across some local cats. (I assume they belonged to the Gardens, we saw little bowls around there). The cat was NOT friendly, however and I got to play doctor for a bit. Moving on, I see there are some tourists standing in the spot I had in mind to ask. Quickly, I had to improvise. I see this small elevated ledge in the dirt/rock wall and ask her to go up there to for some pictures. She does. I get up there with her, and for those 5-10 minutes, it seemed like hours. I loved every second of it. So much laughter, and thanks to the cat, I was able to provide comfort. I would've shot that cat. The out of towners begin on the stairs to where we were. She tells me, "Dont make eye contact, they look like talkers". I laugh, they come up, and we do a quick head nod to acknowledge each other.

We begin to walk and I start to practice what I want to say. I make us pause near the waterfall, to allow the photographer to get into place. We stood there looking at the waterfall, just talking, arm around her shoulder. I do a quick turn around for a "thumbs up", I get the green light. But, she would've seen if I proposed right then and there. So I walk around her and point up in the opposite direction and say "wow, look at that birds nest". Birds nest wasn't the best and I don't even like birds! But she looked anyway. I didn't think she was going to haha. I slowly shift my weight and descend to one knee. I quickly open the box, hoping I don't drop the ring. She turns around, and bam. Instantly, both of us begin tearing up. I had all the right words to say, but I can't seem to get them out. I lost my breath for a quick sec when her face met mine. I was finally about to ask, the person I've been with for 7 years, my best friend, to marry me. I finally take a semi deep breath and ask the magic question. Without hesitation, "yes, yes". Instantly, I get up, hug her 5ft ass, kiss her, lift her up and spin. As we spin, I begin to think of the life achievements we get to do, together. The photographer was able to get some amazing shots which made the celebration even more romantic. We continue and walk around the gardens, still with all the endorphins holding our cheeks up, forcing us to smile. We take pictures on pictures and are just incredibly, happily overwhelmed. We then eat at a Mexican restaurant and grab some OG breakfast. Little did she know, the house was waiting for us. The rest of the day, was a celebration of us, and every moment, and every moment with her after, was magical.