Olivia & Ian

We’re Getting Married!





Grand Rapids, MI

The Loft

Studio D2D

401 Hall Street SW, Suite 121, PO Box 80, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Our Story

How We Met

We met in 2018 while attending college at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI. Olivia had just returned from a study abroad trip in Europe and Ian had just started his second semester at Ferris. From the moment we met, we both knew our relationship was going to be something special.

The Proposal

In March of 2022 we went to Nashville, TN to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Olivia knew Ian was going to propose, but did not know when, which left her on the edge of her seat the whole trip. Olivia spoiled Ian's original proposal plan when she found out her favorite band, The Maine, was in town and decided there was no option but to attend. The proposal ending up happening the next day. We shared a beautiful, private moment on a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Cumberland river and Nashville Skyline.