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October 28th, 2023

Blue Hill Farm

15957 Clarkes Gap Road

Waterford VA, 20197

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Our Story

How We Met

It all started back in April of 2018 in downtown Norfolk, VA. Claire and Martin were both out with friends, when they met each other through their mutual friend, James Sheil. They started chatting but Martin had to step away to use the bathroom. When he came back, she had left to meet back up with her friends (can you believe that?! Didn't even say bye...). So Martin had to not creepily ask James for her phone number. Thankfully she told James it was ok to give Martin her number.

The Proposal

In October of 2022, Martin, Claire, and a group of friends went to a Halloween trail at Balboa Park in San Diego. In the meantime, Martin's friend, Devin, and Dad, Carlos, were setting up a proposal site under a huge tree in the park. The proposal location was on the way to a nice restaurant. After surviving the Halloween trail, the group was making their way to the restaurant, when Martin took Claire on a quick detour and proposed. Thankfully she said yes or that would have made for an awkward dinner...