Emily & Jesse

Forever Together

Emily DeMonte
Jesse Franks

May 18th, 2024

At Chimney Pond Farm

Glenville, North Carolina

Chimney Pond Farm

240 Chimney Pond Rd

Glenville NC, 28736

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Our Story

How We Met

July 15th, 2019, Emily and Jesse met on their first day of work at Mauldin & Jenkins, which also happened to be Emily's 22nd birthday. Emily, Jesse, and Kyle all met that first day, Emily was so excited to know she was going to have two great work friends. The trio worked together for a few months and hung out on the weekends adding Kelsey (Kyle's Fiancé) to the mix. Emily started to see the possibility of her new work best friend Jesse becoming new work boyfriend. On November 5th, 2019 and Jesse's 23rd birthday, they began dating.

The Proposal

After checking the radar all week, Jesse and Emily decided they wanted to go to Boone, NC for the weekend with their dog Finn. On January 13th, 2022, the plan was to get a quick lunch when they arrived in Boone, then go on a 6-mile hike in the snow. As they arrived in Boone, it started to snow and everyone in the car was like a kid on Christmas morning. They got lunch and then drove up to the parkway where they would begin their hike. When they got to the parkway, it was closed due to the weather. Jesse then called a few other hiking spots to see if their trails were open. All the trails were closed, and Emily was starting to get bummed that the start of their trip was not going well. Jesse then drove them to a spot that he knew would be open. The snow was picking up by this time and starting to cover everything in sight. Jesse, Emily, and Finn arrived at the entrance and began their snowy hike. It was a short walk to a beautiful waterfall. Emily and Finn were taking in the snowy view when Jesse told Emily to turn around. When Emily turned around, she saw Jesse on one knee holding a box with a beautiful ring inside. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes! Jesse already made dinner reservations that night. The 3 of them spent a wonderful snowy weekend away in Boone, NC.