Cameron & Ketzya

Para Siempre

Cameron Duarte


Ketzya Lopez


Melissa, TX

The Melissa Barn

1235 Co Rd 278, Melissa, TX 75454

Our Story

How We Met

We both moved to Texas from different states, Arizona and Wisconsin. We met each other at our job. We work in the same department. At first, we didn't like each other. We kept getting in each other's way and never really conversated. One day, we hit it off talking about how we were both new to Texas. Slowly, we became friends. We became closer and started hanging out more and more until our feelings for one another were inevitable. It wasn't long after we felt we were meant to be as soulmates.

The Proposal

After a nice lunch with family, we were walking on the pier. That day we became engaged, December 2022. Now we are getting married!