Carleen & Christopher-James

We’re Getting Married!





Rock City Falls, NY

The Mansion of Saratoga

801 NY-29, Rock City Falls, NY 12863

Our Story

How We Met

Carly's Point of View: It all started as very minimal texting (I'm terrible at checking my phone). Texts transformed into long phone calls which eventually led to our first date at Arthur's 1795 coffee shop (My favorite coffee shop, specifically in Schenectady, NY) which turned into a plethora of dates and eventually led to TRUE LOVE.

Christopher's Point of View: Our first date was at the coffee shop, Arthur's 1795. Many walks and hours of talking on the phone later we are here. Done.

The Proposal

This is a much better story told in the long version in person (so feel free to ask if you are interested in the details!), but the short text version is that Christopher had a beautiful proposal planned for a snowshoeing day at Vroman's Nose, I ended up feeling sick (pregnancy nausea) once we got to the trailhead, so plans changed and Christopher wound up doing a very sweet proposal at home instead, in the same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend.