Are Getting Married.

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June 27th, 2024

The Mansion of Saratoga

801 NY-29

Rock City Falls NY, 12863

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Our Story

How We Met

We met back in August of 2015 in Mcclelland Hall during our Education class. We were both healing from previous relationships and kept to ourselves. One day, Rasul asked to walk Kendra up the hill from class where conversation sparked. From there, we had our first date in the library to study and we discovered a connection that was inevitable. As time went on, study dates increased, lunch dates in the dining hall became a regular occurrence, and basketball season gave us the opportunity to develop a bond outside of academics. After a few short months we became inseparable.

The Proposal

After seven years together, we ended our anniversary at a Christmas parade in Manlius, NY. Nearby to the parade location was a spot that we became very fond of; the swan pond. We broke away from the parade to enjoy a walk to gaze at the Christmas lights and visit the swans. While walking, we began to reminisce on our years together and discuss what we were thankful for in our relationship. We each took a moment to share the struggles we faced, successes we’ve had, and our favorite memories with each other. As conversations got deeper, the jolly giant dropped down to his good knee and asked Kendra the four words she will never forget . . “Will you marry me?