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June 22nd, 2024

Wallenpaupack Creek Farm

674 S Sterling Rd

South Sterling PA, 18460

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Our Story

How We Met

Danielle was laying in bed cuddling with her dog and had posted on her instagram(early sept 2021)Within minutes she had gotten a message from James telling her how he hated her! She couldn’t help but laugh because they had never spoke before. So she responded back asking why ? and of course it was because she posted a picture of her car, leading them to talking for hours. James kept asking to go out and do things like dinner and movies and Danielle always avoided it. If you ask him, he was close to deleting her number. Danielle finally came around to the idea. They met after his hike with his dog, Remington, while she was on her way to work. She stopped in Milford for her morning coffee, and from there they decided to go on a date. Little did they know, they would end up being best friends. With them being best friends, they both ended up with the most amazing group of friends and even bigger family. They started dating by the end of September.

The Proposal

Flash forward November 2022 Danielle was at work and had gotten out early because she thought they were going to their friends engament party. They had to go pick up some things in Milford, where they had first met and when she went to get her morning coffee before work. They walked out of the store after picking up the things they needed and he started talking crazy! Anxious Danielle was like sir get in the truck we’re going to be late!! He was like can you please be quiet for a second and listen to me. So she did. She honestly couldn’t tell you what he said but she sounded like a pterodactyl screeching and of course said heck yes!! In the same exact spot where they had first met. He had two of their friends there taking pictures. So speechless they got in the car and drove to what she thought was their friends engagement party. It was not. It was an early surprise 30th for Danielle!