Dalya & Steven

We're getting married!





Tucson, AZ

The Buttes at Reflections

9800 N Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85704

Our Story

How We Met

Steven will tell you that the first time he talked to Dalya was over the phone, as she called AJ's Fine Foods to inquire about her job interview to which Steven was the one who answered her call. After that phone call, it wasn't long before Steven (a cashier) and Dalya (a barista) worked across from each other regularly and couldn't help but notice each others lively presences. Over time, small conversations while ordering coffee, eating in the break room, and going bowling with coworkers on Sunday nights led to the ultimate work-crush. With the help of some coworkers in each department, word of the mutual crush spread like wildfire until Steven was gifted the best thing he could've hoped for; Dalya's phone number! A first date at Blanco and 7 years later, Dalya and Steven will be exchanging vows!

The Proposal

In a recreation of the date where Steven asked Dalya to be his girlfriend, Steven took Dalya to the same restaurant (Obon Sushi), then took her to go see a touring musical. Before the musical could begin, Steven arranged to propose in the exact location where one of their first "couples" picture was taken near Centennial Hall. Here, he promptly forgot the speech he had planned for weeks as he was giving it, but was still able to squeak out the big question on one knee, and Dalya couldn't have been happier to say YES!
(Although Steven did mistakenly put the ring on the wrong hand...)