Danielle & Giancarlo

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Cruz





Fredon Township, NJ

Bear Brook Valley

23 Players Blvd, Fredon Township, NJ 07860

Our Story

How We Met

Although we both attended TCNJ and had mutual friends, we didn't meet until the Summer of 2018 on Tinder! No shame in our game. It was fate that we didn't meet in college because Danielle was a party girl and surely would've scared away Giancarlo as he was a rule-following, studious engineer.

Our first date was at Valley restaurant in Long Valley, New Jersey. Giancarlo was struck by Danielle's straightforwardness and sense of humor and Danielle was fascinated by Giancarlo's wholesomeness and sincerity. Both of us were under the impression that we had never met anyone like the other.

We made things official on 9/30/18 in the car on the way to his Nona and Grandpa's house. Danielle was ready to say "I love you" within only like 2 months! Luckily it didn't scare him away lol!

The Proposal

On the day of the proposal (10/8/23), we drove to Danielle's parents house in Long Valley where she grew up to celebrate her dad's birthday (or so she thought). He proposed in the patio area of the garden in their backyard. Danielle's dad had built a wooden arch with a tiny shelf at the top and on that shelf was a mini treasure chest that Giancarlo stained and decorated himself.

After initially thinking it was Danielle's late dog Chrissie's ashes (lol), she realized what was happening and started crying! Inside of the chest was the receipt from our first date at Valley and the box with the perfect ring inside. Giancarlo also spun around one of the pumpkins in the garden and it was painted with the words "Will you marry me?" Before he could even pop the question, Danielle screamed, "today I said FINALLY!!!" Her parents, sister, brother-in-law, nieces, nephew, Citty, Oma, cousin, aunts and uncles were all there to share in the special occasion.