Michael & Michelle

We’re Getting Married!





Ruckersville, VA

The Franklin Estate

589 Moore Rd, Ruckersville, VA 22968

Our Story

How We Met

It's strange. We weren't supposed to meet. Everything in the world should have prevented us from meeting.

But God knew how to work this in. You see, it was YouTube. Michael, known in the YouTube realm as Professor Geek, produced videos on what made good stories. Being a writer myself, I started binging on his videos with great interest. After a couple months of hanging out in the chat of his live shows, he took notice. At first I thought it was my SuperChats, but then I learned it was because he thought I was cute. Even better, I too was a geek!

Over time, I starting making videos on my own channel, Sound Engraver. You can imagine how flattered I was to see Professor Geek, my favorite YouTube celebrity, visit my live shows. Then the pandemic hit, and stuck inside, we collaborated. I came onto his live shows, providing my musical expertise. Summer moseyed along, and I began to feel toward him something more than a strictly academic crush. There, we exchanged phone numbers. Living in different states, we had no choice but to date over the phone––until that fateful day, August 8th, 2020, when we met in person.

Now, we can't imagine life, much less a day, without each other.

The Proposal

Here's how Michael proposed to Michelle!
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