Sarah & Tristan

We’re Getting Married!





Bloomsburg, PA

The Pump House Weddings and B&B

42 Pump House Lane, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Our Story

How We Met

A match is made! The World Wide Web, social media, the void, all names for the wonderful world of the Internet.

After meeting and chatting for only two hours, phone numbers were exchanged. A short 4 days later there was a first date! The next day there was even another. (It was a time crunch! Sarah's college was 200+ miles away and she had to return for the next semester.)

Luckily, Tristan went to visit just 2 weeks later.

**Spoiler Alert**: At the end of the visit there was a magical kiss that sealed the future! (Obviously).

The Proposal

Christmas Eve 2022

Tristan's Point of View:
I woke up and got an email that the ring was delayed. My family and I went on a hunt for a "filler" ring until the real one came. Ring in hand I went home to set the ring up in an ornament on the Christmas tree. My family left so when Sarah got home from work we could exchange Christmas presents with each other as we do every year before going to a Christmas Eve dinner party. I set up my computer camera to record the proposal and waited. When Sarah got home I told her to get into matching Christmas Pjs with me so we could open presents. After getting comfy we opened everything, taking turns opening. We got to my last present for Sarah, I warned her it wasn't wrapped so she had to close her eyes. She looked at me like I shot her in the leg. I got down on one knee and told her to open her eyes. Before any words were said, she did the craziest maneuver I've ever seen. It literally looked like she did a flip. We cried for a while, just looking at each other. Eventually, I did ask the question and I'm sure you can guess her answer.

Sarah's Point of View:
I got home and immediately started venting to Tristan about my insane interactions with holiday-crazed customers. He pushed me to get comfy and match with him before we opened the presents we got each other before heading out to Christmas Eve dinner. We finished the presents and after talking for a second, Tristan said he actually had another present but it wasn't wrapped. I am a present-wrapping MASTER (thanks Dad), so I may or may not have been ready to give wrapping lessons. Regardless, I closed my eyes and waited. When I was able to look, I immediately flipped over so we could face each other. I don't think I've said "Are you serious" that many times outside of road rage. He only got to say "Sarah" before we cried and laughed together. After confirming he was in fact serious, he asked me to marry him.

*About two hours after the proposal we were getting in the car to head out to our family party and an email came to Tristan's phone. Turns out the ring was NOT delayed due to an incoming storm. It was delivered right as we were leaving!*