Seth & Savannah

Love, Captured

Seth Couts
Savannah Ganieany

Oct 6th, 2024

At Applewood Farms

Ionia, Michigan

Applewood Farms

579 E Parmeter Rd

Ionia MI, 48846

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Our Story

How We Met

(From Savannah) - Seth and I met in August of 2021 at Dominos in Las Vegas. I was the store manager at the time, and one of my delivery drivers came up to me one day and said she had a friend moving from Michigan and wanted a job as a delivery driver. She told me he "had some issues with tickets" and was worried he wouldn't pass the requirements to be a delivery driver. She was right - Domino's only allowed me to hire him as a manager! By the time I actually finished hiring him, so much time elapsed that I forgot he even existed until he showed up to his first day of work.

Over the next 6 months, we spent countless hours slaving away making pizzas, bonding over our lives at work, mimicking annoying customers and slightly bullying each other. We often joked that we spent more time with each other at work then we did at home, and it was at Domino's where our friendship grew. At some point, I started hinting at Seth that I wanted to spend more time with him outside of work. We started "hanging out" at my house, with him even staying the night a few times and me taking him to work in the morning, but Seth never thought I liked him! He thought we were just good pals. I gave up on subtle hints and had to straightforwardly express my feelings. At some point, he finally understood, and his messages to his friends went from, "I'm hanging out with my boss" to "I'm hanging out with my girlfriend."

Our time in Vegas consisted of Dominos and Dogs. Our house was a rotation of foster dogs and we often crawled up in bed together with five dogs in the bed. There was a time when we had two pugs at once, and we slept to the snoring and grumbling of Spark Pug and Butt Pug. I knew that Seth was the one for me when he would not ask any questions when a new animal would mysteriously show up in the house.

Once I accepted that my Domino's career was coming to an end, I told Seth (who often complained about the brownness and heat of Vegas) that I would follow him wherever he wanted to go. We set a date to leave Vegas on November 18th, 2022 and arrived in Michigan three days later with Roscoe, the lizards and our plants. We spent the next 9 months living in our rental house in Muskegon, rescuing cats and kittens, going to the beach, teaching Seth how to snowboard and how to fish, and walking down to the lake. We finally found our forever home and closed on our house in September of 2023. We now spend our time walking around our land looking at bugs and plants and fish in the creek, working on house projects, and studying Japanese together for the fun of it. Seth is truly my best friend and every day I feel like I'm living out the dream that I have always had - living on a big plot of land in a cozy house with animals of all varieties, going on adventures with my best friend and enjoying the moments I've dreamed about my entire life.

(From Seth) - When I moved to Vegas, I had no intentions of getting into any sort of relationship. I knew within a month of living in Vegas that I wasn't going to want to stay there due to the absolute lack of color. Everything was just a new shade of brown and or red, the heat was intense (still prefer dry heat to the humidity, but it was just too hot), and my living situation was chaotic.

Initially I did not want to work in any sort of food business simply because I hated dealing with customers, alas though I couldn't find any sort of factory, and or construction work that would hire me, so I finally caved and my roommates friend got me a job at dominos. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be, my coworkers were great, Savannah (my boss) was definitely great, not all the customers were awful, and after Savannah and I got together things started to get better.

I was still living in my apartment and would drive over some nights to spend the night at Savannah's. Eventually, I asked her if I could move in with her; she could not have been happier. After that, life just got better, we grew closer bonding over the endless dogs in and out, all the cooking shows we watched together, and just our love for each other. I knew that didn't want to spend another year in Nevada and Savannah was all about moving out back to Michigan with me, and here we are; engaged in our forever home with loving family an friends, and happy as ever!

The Proposal

Seth proposed the day we moved into our Forever Home on October 13th, 2023. I was so surprised and excited! Technically, I didn't say yes. I said, "wait, you're proposing to me?" Because my brain could not comprehend what was going on! He designed the most beautiful ring for me and put so much thought into it.