Courtnaye &Johnathan

Are Getting Married!

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November 11th, 2023

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

Wow! It’s a long drawn out story so we will make it short and sweet. We met at a house party 13 years ago. Became best friends and stayed friends through all the growing pains. I went to the Navy, he told me not too…(I didn’t listen), I moved back home in 2020 and our forever story started to unfold!

The Proposal

May of 2022, he pushed me to schedule graduation pictures for my bachelors degree, I didn’t want them, he insisted it was an important accomplishment that needed photos. We took some family pictures with our girls and Jen(our photographer) wanted to do some couples photos. Rauscher said he had a thorn in his shoe (I didn’t think anything of it) so I waited for him. I turned around and he had a ring pop in his hand. Again I was completely clueless... But we have had a joke for our entire relationship that he would propose with a ring pop. I said “Awh you got me a ring pop?” And his response was “are we doing this or what?” Just like he did when he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I froze and said “doing what?” That’s when he pulled out the real ring and asked me to marry him. If you’re reading this you know I said yes!❤️