Alyssa & Joshua

We’re getting married!





Woodward, OK

The Ranch at Woodward

The Ranch at Woodward, 201718 E COUNTY ROAD 48, Woodward, OK 73801, Woodward, OK 73801

Our Story

How We Met

The boy next door came over to ask a few questions about my beautiful dog, and from there he came in and talked with my family for a few hours and when I came home from work we locked eyes and ever since we’ve been closer then just neighbors! My step dad told him if he could skin all the fish he had caught that day that he could take me on a date, he did them all faster then my step dad had ever seen someone do it, so from there we went fishing the next day and we’ve been dating ever since.

The Proposal

On the day of my birthday party(7/2/22) he invited his mother and grandmother and all my family was there and after opening all my gifts he said I had to wait till the end for his. He got down on one knee and purposed in front of all of our family.