Are Getting Married.

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May 18th, 2024

Camp Bluestone

1290 Stalker Hill Rd

Thompson PA, 18465

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Our Story

How We Met

Jeremy and I met when we were neighbors in 2007, We went to the same high school but our paths did not cross until then. Jeremy’s brother Jason was the reason we actually met. They were tossing a football around and Jason just so happened not to catch it and it hit me in the head. Jason held Jeremy down so I could smack him in the face for hitting me, not knowing that Jason had planned on not catching it all along. Fast forward 16 years and four kids later we have everyone we need and want to tie the knot as a whole family.

The Proposal

Jeremy proposed to me in February, on the beach, with snow covered sand! With our family at its fullest now, we are for sure ready to complete this milestone.