Brianne &Chance

Lost in Love 08.03.2024

You're Invited

August 3rd, 2024

The Cabins on Strawberry Hill

5306 N. Highway 87

Strawberry AZ, 85544

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Our Story

How We Met

The story of Brianne and Chance all began in Legend Valley Campgrounds in Thornville, Ohio. Both had traveled over 1,500 miles from home to the land of bass music and dinosaurs, a very special place called Lost Lands. The stars aligned, and fate placed their campsites directly next to each other, in a massive 230 acre venue, with over 40,000 attendees, and all the life-like dinosaurs you could imagine.

Though they had found each other, they still had to overcome the obstacle of living nearly 400 miles apart. Chance had no intention at all of letting go, so when Lost Lands had come to a close, he left Brianne with his hoodie and made her promise that she would see him again to return it. After both had returned home, they were on FaceTime almost 24/7. Just two weeks later, on a Friday night, Chance drove from Phoenix, AZ to Farmington, NM to surprise Brianne at the end of her shift at work, and brought her back to Phoenix with him for the weekend. He then brought her back home to New Mexico on Monday, drove back to Phoenix by himself on Tuesday, and then returned to Farmington on Friday to spend the weekend with Brianne again because they could absolutely not stand being apart from each other. That Saturday, October 15th, Brianne surprised Chance with a special train ride from Durango, Colorado up to Cascade Creek. Following the train ride, they returned to the car, and Chance surprised Brianne with a special collage of photos they had taken together in a large picture frame, and a handwritten note expressing his love for her and asking her to be officially be his girlfriend. They spent the following few months traveling back and forth together between Farmington and Phoenix, until eventually Brianne moved to Phoenix on a travel assignment for work, which later turned permanent. Thus the story of how two beautiful strangers meeting in a forest in the middle of nowhere, turned out to be the most perfect, and epic love story of how Brianne and Chance became... Lost In Love.

The Proposal

It didn't take long for Brianne and Chance to realize that they were meant to be. The proposal was planned far in advanced, and yet Chance still managed to pull the tricks out of his sleeve to propose to Brianne when she was least expecting it. During a Carribbean Cruise that was covered up as a Christmas present/Birthday cruise for Brianne, the proposal took place on the island of Saint Martin. Chance knew that Brianne was expecting the proposal at some point during the cruise, but still wanted to make sure to catch her off-guard during the most unexpected moment. To pull this off, he came up with the idea that they would record a video of themselves doing a spin together at every single stop throughout the cruise. This was planned so that Chance could have an excuse to always have a tripod and camera out, and it would never seem suspicious. Five days into the cruise, and Brianne began to wonder if the proposal was really going to happen, and thought that if it did, it would be on the final night during dinner. Little did she know, Chance had planned an excursion for them to be chauffeured to a private picnic on a private beach to pop the question! After finishing their delightful meal, Chance suggested that they set up the tripod to take a cute video of the two of them running along the ocean shore together. While they were running, Chance reached out and grabbed Brianne's arm to pull her towards him as he knelt down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked Brianne to spend the rest of their lives together. And well, the answer was clearly... YES!