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Many of you are traveling from CA. You can drive or fly. Our suggestion is to stay in Muskogee, OK or Wagoner, OK. There are also cabins at the state park near venue.

Patio on the Hill

1667 E 100th St N

Wagoner OK, 74467

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If you’re driving, you’ll go through Flagstaff, AZ - you can see the Grand Canyon or stop at Bearizona. The halfway point is Albuquerque, NM - try an Indian Taco, but be sure to do it before 1pm because shops tend to close early. The next main city is Amarillo, TX - BBQ and Whataburger are popular stops. Our favorite place for fuel, snacks, and stretching is Loves Gas Stations.

If you’re flying, you’ll fly into Tulsa International Airport. Then we can pick you up or you can rent a car. Our house is about an hour from Tulsa.

Things To Do


Outdoor & Nature

Sequoyah Bay State Park

Lots of hiking trails, fishing, and hunting. It is hunting season for bow hunters. Get yourself a deer before heading back home