Carrie & Evan

We’re Getting Married!





Latta, SC

Parker Pines Events

259 Elwin Lane, Latta, SC 29565

Our Story

How We Met

What once was a high school crush came to a full circle in 2021. Carrie and Evan crossed each other's paths multiple times from their first notice of each other at Camp Robinson, first meeting at the IPHC Youth Quest competition in Dallas, Texas 2013, and passing flirtations at Accelerant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. God led them both on personal journeys of growing closer to him and preparing their hearts for one another. After many years of growth, they rekindled their friendship at the wedding of Casey & Grayson Boyington and sat at what turned out to be the matchmaker table (; The next week, Carrie was showing up to Evan’s church league softball game. Early into their blossoming relationship they knew that they had found their partner for life. God's planning and timing truly deserves all the credit for the love they share.

The Proposal

Wednesday November 24th, 2022 I was asked to write down my personal goals in a fall planning meeting for work. I knew that one of mine was to get engaged to my best friend. There was no way I could go any longer without making sure she was allllll mine!
After lots of research…but no final decisions, I took my mom ring shopping with me in March/April of 2023. That day I walked out of the shop with a little less money but with excitement knowing step one was complete. It was starting to get real.
I totally lost sleep thinking about proposing to Carrie. I was admittedly a nervous wreck. The toughest part was figuring out when to propose. When school gets out? In a few months? Sooner??? I eventually decided the sooner the better! It would completely throw her off, and that girl is hard to surprise. How soon? That upcoming weekend! Well, crap. Here we go.
Saturday, May 13th Carrie and her family would be in Lake City for a Mother’s Day Brunch. She’d never expect it. I contacted my buddy, Jacob Coward, who helped provide me with the perfect spot. Quiet, sentimental, and romantic. Step two done.
That Saturday, everything was ready to go. I cannot recall what I said, I only know that I was ready to marry the love of my life and best friend. Fortunately, she said yes!