Caleb & Cheyenne

We’re Getting Married!





Gray Court, SC

Piney Grove Ranch

641 Piney Grove School Road, Gray Court, SC 29645

Our Story

How We Met

If you are seeing this then you know who we are. Caleb and Cheyenne, we wanted to give you a simple glance into our life before our big day. Caleb Moved to Anderson in 2018 to be an intern at Judah Church in Anderson. While at Judah, Caleb met Cheyenne but he didn't fully meet her until 2019 when he asked her for some help. Caleb was the Kid's Pastor at the time and needed some more hula hoops for a game that was being played that next night. Michael Wiles said, "Hey ask Cheyenne if she has any". So after mustering up the courage he finally texted her and asked if she had any. Upon finding out she didn't he had to come up with some way to continue talking to her. That is when he finally asked her on their first date. Caleb and Cheyenne spent the next 3 years eating sushi, hiking, going on trips, and serving God at Judah. While serving and living our life God began to draw us closer and closer together.

Now comes the part that Cheyenne had no clue about. In May of 2022, Caleb's parents had come to Anderson for a "visit". Little did Cheyenne know Caleb had the conversation about wanting to propose to Cheyenne, upon hearing this news Caleb's parents were excited, to say the least. That weekend in the midst of meeting Cheyenne's parents officially Caleb and his father went ring shopping. It didn't take Caleb long to find "The One". Literally, it was the first one he picked up.

The Proposal

Now, comes the day that Caleb has spent countless sleepless nights stressing over. The Big Day, the proposal. Now Caleb and Cheyenne enjoy hiking, but more importantly, they enjoy being models for Micheal Wiles. So under the guise of being models one weekend Caleb, Cheyenne, Michael, and Jackie head up a mountain, Jumping Off Rock to be specific. On the way there, they did the typical things such as listening to music and drinking too much coffee, and Caleb proceeded to do his favorite thing aggravating Cheyenne. Once they neared the top of the mountain, the time to hike short ways came. For months Caleb has told Cheyenne that he isn't proposing until they are both finished with school. After arriving at the top of the mountain, Michael needed a few "stock photos", then Michael set them up for the BIG one. Cheyenne turned and Caleb was there on one knee, she was shocked, to say the least, because Caleb cannot keep secrets but had kept this one for nearly a year. After proposing, Caleb and Cheyenne made their way back to Anderson. Little did Cheyenne know all of their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them.

Now here we are the BIG DAY of all BIG DAYS. We are so excited to have you join us for our special day. Thank you all for coming out and celebrating with us.